Toomer’s Corner Proposal – Austin & Pat

Pat and Austin are such a sweet, adorable couple! Pat and I have been planning for a few weeks how his proposal to Austin would go down. He wanted it to be a complete surprise to Austin, and so he chose their trip to visit Auburn last weekend as the perfect time. They currently live out of state and he thought she would be expecting it when they were home. I camped out near Toomer’s Corner and eventually found Pat, Austin, and their friends hanging out on Samford Lawn. You can see them there in the middle of the top photo – Pat in the pink polo, Austin in the dark blue shirt sitting on the ground. samford lawn auburnauburn al proposalalabama proposal photographerIt wasn’t easy getting Austin to realize what Pat was doing! She was trying to coordinate details with their friends and was distracted with her phone. Eventually, though, she realized this was for real!auburn al proposal photographertoomer's corner proposalPat got down on his knee and asked her to marry him. They *think* she said yes! :) It was such an exciting, happy moment with lots of laughs and “Is this real?”auburn university proposalsurprise proposal photographerAustin just couldn’t quit smiling!war eagle proposalSince it was the afternoon before a big morning game, they had a big audience to cheer them on! Honks and “war eagle!” were heard once she said yes.
wedding ring proposalJust check out her gorgeous new ring!samford lawn photosPhotographing Pat & Austin after the proposal was a breeze! They just kept smiling and hugging. I think Austin was in shock for a good 15 minutes afterwards.surprise engagement alabamaauburn university engagementfamily surprise proposalNot only was she surprised by the proposal, she was surprised her parents were in the state of Alabama! We “ran into” them on our way to Moe’s BBQ….moe's bbq auburn Where she found many more of her friends and family in Auburn to celebrate!
surprise engagement partyauburn surprise engagement partyCheck out this exciting crew! family photos after proposalCongratulations, Pat and Austin! In just our few moments together, I can tell you have such a deep, genuine love for each other. Thank you for allowing me to capture these special moments for you down here on the plains. Happy wedding planning!

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