50th Anniversary Celebration – Robert Trent Jones, Auburn AL

The Weatherfords were married in 1964, and while a lot of things have changed since then, their love and devotion has not. It was such a privilege to attend this celebration. Although it often seems the world around us no longer values the life-long commitment of two individuals, this was a great reminder of the power and influence of that a strong marriage can have on the world. From their small corner, the Weatherfords have influenced their family and friends in a very positive way, and hearing about their dedication was very inspiring to me!

AuburnALPhotographer-1AuburnALPhotographer-3 copyAuburnALPhotographer-5 copyAuburnALPhotographer-6 copyAuburnALPhotographer-8 copyOne thing that was VERY obvious throughout the evening was how valuable photography was to this family. So, of course, we began the evening with a quick session with the whole family. It was a great way to get to know everyone before the party began! AuburnALPhotographer-47 copyNow if this wasn’t awesome, I don’t know what is! Her wedding gown and “going away” dress were both on display for everyone to admire! I think they were even both made by her mother! Keep those dresses, ladies… you never know when you’ll need them!
AuburnALPhotographer-48 copyA beautiful cake and cake table, with their original wedding cake topper! I love sentimental touches. AuburnALPhotographer-51 copyAnd.. one more sentimental touch! Pimento cheese sandwiches as hors d’oeurves, which were served at the rehearsal dinner! AuburnALPhotographer-52 copyI loved the beautiful table centerpieces. We also recreated their original cake-cutting photo from their reception! AuburnALPhotographer-53 copyAuburnALPhotographer-54 copyThere were photos EVERYWHERE! And everyone enjoyed watching the slideshow their children had put together. AuburnALPhotographer-56 copyAuburnALPhotographer-57 copyAuburnALPhotographer-58 copyAuburnALPhotographer-60 copyAuburnALPhotographer-61 copyAuburnALPhotographer-62 copyFamily and friends read notes from those who were unable to attend that shared stories, memories, and inspiring words that brought many smiles and tears. AuburnALPhotographer-63 copyAuburnALPhotographer-64 copyAuburnALPhotographer-66 copyOne more example of their love for photography – an album of photos from their years together as a gift from their children.

Thank you, Weatherford family, for allowing me to be a part of this amazing celebration! What an honor it was to be there. I wish you the best, and many more years together!

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